A Level success stories at Portsmouth High Sixth Form

A Level success stories

Just some of the success stories for Portsmouth High Sixth Formers on A Level results day...

Anna Mackay

Geography A*, History A, Biology B.

University of Manchester, Geography

I have thoroughly enjoyed being Head Girl and in particular studying geography A Level. It has been a wonderful school and the staff have been with me on every step of my journey. It is extraordinary that my sister Claire (Head Girl PHS 2011-12) and I got exactly the same grades in the same subjects. It has been a fantastic eleven years of hard work and Mum and Dad are very proud!

Lara Bird

A* Spanish, A* Religious Studies, A History.

University of Oxford, Philosophy and Theology

I am excited, relieved and so happy. I have been up all night thinking it was all going to be a disaster. It is a dream come true. I am so excited about going on to Oxford; it is equally scary and exciting at the same time. Today is all about the result of great teaching at PHS and I have had an amazing time as Deputy Head Girl too.


A Level Results

Chloe Chapman

A* Biology, A* Psychology, B Chemistry

Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Medicine

It has been an amazing year. The teachers have gone above and beyond in order to help us all. I am now heading out for breakfast and can finally relax. It is such an exciting morning.

A Level Results Day 2016

Bianca Nilssen

A* Spanish, A Chemistry, A Mathematics.

University of Warwick, Law

The year has been a roller-coaster ride but it has culminated in the fantastic news today and I am going to celebrate with going out to lunch with my parents.

HSBC scholarship

Marisa Green

A* Creative Writing, A History, B English Literature.

Royal Holloway, University of London, Liberal Arts

I was absolutely thrilled with the results that I managed to achieve with the help of Portsmouth High School – something I wouldn’t have been able to experience without my HSBC scholarship. Read more…

Harriet Newcombe

A* Government and Politics, A* Religious Studies, A English Literature

University of Edinburgh, English Literature and Philosophy

I am ecstatic. I have done so much better than I thought I would do. I got a B in politics at AS and it just encouraged me to work harder. I am so excited about Edinburgh. I love the city and cannot wait to start.  My parents are so proud that I got into my first choice of university.


A Level success story

Blythe Scoates

A Geography, B History, B French

University of Birmingham, History and Philosophy

I am really happy and so excited that all the hard work has paid off.  I had swine flu two months before the exams started so I am thrilled with my results today. It was great being on the Head Girl team and certainly increased my confidence.  It was good to be able to focus on something totally different during the hard work.

A Level success story

Lauren Foord

A* Geography, A Design and Technology (Product Design), B Mathematics

University of Birmingham, Geography

I am so happy and it is such a relief to get the results today. It’s been a tough year but it is wonderful to come out the other side. I was in the school production of ‘Anything Goes’ last year and it was a great distraction to the academic side. I would encourage all girls to try and take part in co-curricular activities as is such a good balance.


Lula Barlow

A Drama and Theatre, B English Literature, B Psychology

University of Southampton, Criminology and Psychology

It has been an amazing week. I passed my driving test on Tuesday and I’ve now got my results to get into Southampton. I am really excited. I have been at PHS for fourteen years which has gone so quickly. Today is a culmination of all that work which has been so rewarding and exciting.



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