Mission | Portsmouth High School


Portsmouth High School is committed to academic excellence and encouraging girls to be creative, independent and ambitious in a caring and friendly environment.

Our ethos

The school provides choice and challenge.

Portsmouth High School is a school that knows and cares for each individual. We respect honesty and integrity. The school promotes a positive and secure environment in which girls thrive and grow. The school encourages girls to take calculated risks and they enjoy a challenge whilst being respectful of others’ abilities. The girls have the confidence to go forward into a changing world.

As a junior pupil:

  • I am encouraged to speak and to be heard.
  • I am confident that I can tackle new challenges.
  • I know my own strengths.
  • I am learning to value myself and others.
  • I am supported by my teachers and family.
  • I am enabled to be the best thatI can be.

As a senior pupil:

  • I am inspired by an atmosphere of ambition and enterprise.
  • I am encouraged by my own voice and my own views.
  • I am enabled to understand and build on my strengths.
  • I am given confidence to take risks and tackle new challenges.
  • I am prepared for leadership through a wealth of opportunities.


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Portsmouth High School is part of the Girls Day School Trust

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