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GCSE success stories

Just some of the GCSE success stories for Year 11 pupils at Portsmouth High School

GCSE success stories at Portsmouth High School

Isobel Clark

Grades – 10A*s, 1B

I am shocked and happy!  I am planning on taking mathematics, further mathematics, history and French for A level and would love to read Russian and French at university.  The year has been less stressful than I thought it would be and I’ve managed to combine my sailing of 29ers as well.


GCSE success stories at Portsmouth High School

Holly Hunt

Grades – 5As, 3Bs, 1C

I am so happy with my results.  I am really looking forward to taking psychology for A Level which is a completely new subject for me.  It has been a really exciting year considering we’ve had mocks and exams, but overall really good fun and I am so excited about Sixth Form.


Charlotte Binning

Grades – 6A*s, 3As

I am surprised and delighted.  I am so excited about carrying on the subjects I love [Spanish, French and history] for A Levels here in September.  It has been a really good year; great teaching and hard work has helped me achieve what I have today.


Chloe Lam

Grades – 10A*, 1A

I am really surprised with my results and most pleased with the sciences.  I am going out for lunch now then back in September to study biology, English, psychology and history for A Levels here.


GCSE results at Portsmouth High School

Karabo Magooa

Grades – 1A*, 7As, 1B

I am shocked and happy.  I think I set myself very high expectations and I am just so thrilled with my results.  This last stretch of Y11 has been the best.  Suddenly everything fell into place and we had so much help and guidance from the teachers.  I am off shopping now!


Annie Caddle

Grades – 7A*s, 2As, 1B

I am so relieved with my results and particularly delighted with my A* in English Literature. I am going to be doing chemistry, mathematics and psychology for A Levels here in September. I am just glad the waiting is over and can enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Alpha Perry

Grades – 2 A*s, 3As, 3Bs, 3 Cs

I am absolutely ecstatic. I am probably most pleased with my A in mathematics. I am going to be doing Religious Studies, English Literature and Psychology for A Levels and I am so excited about starting here in the Sixth Form.


Daisy Michelmore

Grades – 1 A*, 7As, 2Bs

I am surprised and delighted. My Grandfather (Cliff Michelmore, the late English television presenter and producer and host of the BBC’s television coverage of the Apollo moon landings, who died earlier this year) would be so proud today,’

Her father, Guy Michelmore, an award winning film and television composer, best known for his work with Marvel, added: ‘She worked so hard and was well supported at the school. We are all so proud and my father would be so proud too.’


Amy Sparkes

Grades – 3As, 5As, 2Bs, 1C

I was not expecting an A* in English Literature! I only got back from Canada yesterday and am just so pleased. I am really excited about Sixth Form and being in the Sixth Form House here. Her mum added: ‘I am so proud of her and a big thank you to Portsmouth High School.’


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