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In the Press

A selection of articles published in the local and wider press.

The Daily Telegraph

Headmistress Jane Prescott writes in The Daily Telegraph on 17 October 2017.

The controversy over an all-male University Challenge team shows female equality is still some way off.

The full article can be read at The Head’s Blog

etc Magazine

Hampshire and Sussex November 2015 editions

Everything changes – how education is changing and evolving (contribution by Headmistress Jane Prescott)

Everything changes – Charlotte Pearson finds out how education is changing

The Times

Headmistress Jane Prescott’s letter to The Times on 4 November 2015

Motherhood, mathematics and glass ceilings – Headmistress Jane Prescott’s letter to The Times

The Daily Telegraph

Headmistress Jane Prescott’s letter to The Daily Telegraph on 24 November 2015

Thwarted girl cadets

The News

‘In the Classroom’ feature in the local press features Sixth Form Charity Week at Portsmouth High School.

Supporting a charity that educates girls in sub-Saharan Africa

The Argus

Dr Frances Saunders, alumna from Portsmouth High School, speaks out in favour of single-sex education for girls.

Dr Frances Saunders  – extract in the press.

Extracted from The Argus: full article at The Argus


Yvonne Williams, Head of English at Portsmouth High School, looks at how changes have affected the public examination appeals process.

Results day: A guide to exam appeals for subject leaders and middle managers

The Times

Yvonne Williams, Head of English and Drama, writes to The Times about the value of education beyond examination results.

Balanced Education

The Times

Headmistress Jane Prescott writes to The Times about banning mobile phones in school.

School mobile ban


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