French in the Nursery School at Portsmouth High School

French in the Nursery School at Portsmouth High School

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French in the Nursery at Portsmouth High School was the focus of the day yesterday as pupils enjoyed French themed activities.

Everyone started the day by saying good morning to each other in French and then learnt how to count to ten, also in French. A French song about the alphabet helped everyone remember some of the letters. Snack time was replaced by a special French food tasting session. Pupils and teachers talked about the food on offer which included bread, brie, croissants and brioche. Everyone

smelled the food first and some decided they didn’t like the smell of the Brie but loved the smell of the croissants!

The day finished with a story read in French which helped everyone learn some animal names in French. Assistant Nursery Leader Gemma Wood said “The children have been so enthusiastic finding out about a new language. The food tasting produced some mixed reactions but pupils were not afraid to try something new. Everyone had a great day”.


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