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Portsmouth High School’s Art and Design Technology exhibition

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Portsmouth High School students proudly displayed their work at the annual Art and Design Technology exhibition this week.  Parents and governors joined VIP guests including the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor Frank Jonas, at the exhibition.

‘The art and design exhibition is always a highlight on the school calendar,’ said Head of Art, Mrs Amelia Brooks.  ‘It is a joy to see the culmination of the work from students from GCSE and A level years.  Their work shows great maturity and depth.’

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor Frank Jonas, added:

‘The work in design technology is so innovative but we expected nothing less from the girls here.  The Portsmouth


High School girls produce some wonderful work and I am delighted to see that the staff encourage the girls to play to their strengths.’

‘It is lovely that all our pieces can be appreciated in an exhibition like this,’ said  Year 11 student, Maleha Khan. ‘It is a finale of two year’s work for GCSEs and A Levels.  Each piece is so different and many reflect the inner thoughts of the girls.’

Mrs Anne McMeehan Roberts, Chairman of Governors at Portsmouth High School added:

‘There was a tremendous amount of time, energy, imaginative creativity and dedication on display.  Certainly, I wish all the girls every success with their exam results.  They deserve to do well.’



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