Portsmouth High School girls battle wind and rain in Snowdonia to achieve Gold Duke of Edinburgh | Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School girls battle wind and rain in Snowdonia to achieve Gold Duke of Edinburgh

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Portsmouth High School girls battled wind, rain and fog in Snowdonia last week to come out on top and reached the summit of Snowdon.

The group, led by BXM Expeditions, an outdoor challenge company running expeditions to wilderness environments, reached the summit of Snowdon in good time, despite the wind, rain and fog that plunged the Welsh mountainside into bleakness.  The expedition took four days and three nights and the girls experienced the tough mountain terrain.

‘The girls are trained to have a high level of navigation and understanding of the weather plus learn procedures should there be an emergency,’ said Mrs Felicity Marshallsay, the school’s Awards Coordinator.

Daisy Turnbull, 17, and Deputy Head Girl of Portsmouth High School said:

‘It was the hardest thing I have ever done.  Despite the school preparing us extremely well, nothing can really prepare you for the real expedition. It was both a physical and mental strain, especially with the typical Welsh rain. But the sense of achievement at the end seemed to make it all worthwhile.  We all came away

from this with the strongest of friendships, having merged two groups into one halfway up Snowdon.  Back home and having a room to myself, after sharing a tent for a week, feels rather strange, but we all benefited from relaxing from not only climbing Snowdon but completing our Gold DofE expedition. It just shows PHS girls are made of tough material!’

Portsmouth High School challenges girls to take on the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards from Year 10.  A group of girls also completed their Silver award this month in the Purbeck Hills in Dorset and a group from Year 10 completed their Bronze in June in the New Forest.

Headmistress of Portsmouth High School, Mrs Jane Prescott, added:

‘I am very  proud of the girls’ achievements in taking on the challenges of the Duke of Edinburgh awards.  By undertaking, and completing, these awards the girls show resilience, commitment and confidence.  Learning new skills and leadership opportunities are all part of the awards and I am delighted that they have taken part and completed them.’



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