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Chocolate fun in science and mathematics at Portsmouth High Nursery School

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Chocolate helped make a tasty start to a science and mathematics lesson at Portsmouth High Nursery School.

Excited children gathered together with Nursery teacher Mrs Dempster to plan their first scientific method for investigating changes in state from solid to liquid chocolate. The children discussed the recipe ingredients and thought about how to make a lovely bar of solid chocolate change to a liquid to make chocolate Rice Krispie cakes.

Counting and measuring skills were practised when breaking the chocolate into squares, counting out how many were needed and weighing the exact weight of Rice Krispies on digital scales. Shape recognition was used when choosing icing cutters from a range of shapes for decorating the cakes.

Motor skills were practised too with stirring, breaking up chocolate squares, spooning the sticky mixture into cake cases, rolling out icing and cutting out shapes.

Nursery teacher Mrs Dempster said “The children have really enjoyed our cookery session this morning and have started to understand early scientific principles of changing states and planning a method for experiments. We have practised our mathematical skills as well and created some very tasty cakes to take home for tea today”.


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