Portsmouth High School girls bring WW2 history project to life | Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School girls bring WW2 history project to life

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Portsmouth High School girls from Year 6 had their WW2 Home Front history projects brought to life this week with a trip to the Havant ’19 Fourteas’ tea room on West Street. The tea room staff dress in the 1940s style and the café is packed full of treasures from the time.

The girls sampled Bovril and spam sandwiches and sang along to 1940s tunes playing in the café.

Nell Newport-Speirs, 10, said:

‘The trip to Fourteas in Havant was great fun because we got to experience what life would have been like in the Forties.

‘We also tried spam sandwiches and Bovril although I am not sure about either of them!’

Miss Lindsay Cunningham, Deputy Head of the Junior School, who accompanied the girls, added:

‘Our city of Portsmouth is steeped in WW2 history and we feel it is important to bring the curriculum to life with trips and guest speakers as part of their Home Front studies. It was a wonderful day for the girls to have the opportunity to be immersed in that period of time.’



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