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Portsmouth High School hosts prestigious public speaking competition

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Portsmouth High School were delighted to host the prestigious Chrystall Carter public speaking competition today.

The annual competition is open to Year 11 girls from Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) schools.  The contestants are required to speak for up to seven minutes on their allocated topic followed by answering questions from the audience for up to three minutes.  The competition was set up in memory of a former GDST employee, to mark her commitment to the girls themselves, her pleasure in their success and her belief in the power of argument.

Year 11 girls from Portsmouth, Brighton and Hove, Putney, Streatham and Clapham and Wimbledon High Schools all took part.  They spoke on a range of topics from ‘Britain should take as many refugees as it can’ to ‘Marriage is an outdated institution.’

The panel of judges consisted of Portsmouth High Schools Chair of Governors, Anne McMeehan Roberts, Ellen Weeks a

speech and drama teacher from the Isle of Wight and Lauren Farnhill a drama and English teacher from Portsmouth.

The winner of the competition was Imaan Ahmad, 15, from Putney High School who spoke on ‘The best possible time to be alive – reasons to be cheerful in 2015.’

‘Imaan communicated with the audience with a compelling message,’ said Mrs Anne McMeehan Roberts.  ‘Her future is already lit.  I did not believe I was going to be so impressed and exceptionally proud of all the girls.  They are all inspiring communicators and that will always stand them in good stead for whichever platform they move on to in later life.’

Imman added,

‘It was very hard work writing the speech and I have learned a great deal.  The cherry on top of the cake was that I came in first place.’



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