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A good Junior School experience should enable girls to ‘hit the ground running’ when they start Senior School

I have been listening to podcasts increasingly over the last few months. I find the vast range of different topics available intriguing and it feeds my interest in history, geography and science. 

On a typical evening I may be listening to History Hit, followed by Lost Origins, Ted Talks, or even Myths and Legends. If I tire of one particular genre then there are many more for me to choose from and I often find that there is surprising crossover between seemingly unrelated areas.

This made me consider the everyday curriculum at the junior school. Much like the podcasts the girls have a rich diet of subjects which give them variety and a range of different skills. When the curriculum was redesigned skills were put at the forefront. However, I do feel it is important to label our subjects in what some might consider a traditional way as the girls are able to relate to them as they move on to the senior school.

At Portsmouth High Junior School we believe that links between subjects are important and that enquiry should be key to all areas which means the very best aspects of the creative curriculum are still included. Mathematics has a strong problem-solving element, science is very practical, investigation is a large part of geography and English has a full range of methods from drama to comprehension.  These are just a few examples.

Subject specialisms increase as the girls move through the junior school and, by the time they have completed year 6, they are ready for the senior school. This was brought home to me on Tuesday when I saw a parent of a year 7 child. He said that he felt that the junior school experience had very much prepared his daughter and that she had ‘hit the ground running’. I can think of no better endorsement.


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