Alex Cells | Portsmouth High School

Junior Case Studies

Alex Cells, Head Girl

I came to Portsmouth High School in Year 3. I was worried at first because I didn’t know anyone but the taster days helped. I needn’t have worried because I settled in quickly and everyone was helpful and the teachers were kind.


I hadn’t done French or science when I first came to the school so these subjects were new to me. My favourite subjects now are PE, drama and English. I play the violin and also go to netball club. I like the smaller class sizes at Portsmouth High School. It means you get more attention from the teacher which really helps you with your work.

I was really pleased to become Head Girl. To apply I wrote a letter to Mr Marshallsay and had to give a presentation. I like the responsibility of being Head Girl. I have just had to make a rota for the common room and for selling poppies for remembrance. I had to give a speech at the Welcome Service and am looking forward to giving another one at the School Birthday Service next year.


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