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Looking forward to Year 7

Poppy – I am thoroughly looking forward to next year, it will be a chance to make new friends and learn new things. I ask myself what’s the worst that can happen? At first I got it all out of proportion, but now we have had so many taster days it doesn’t worry me anymore!

Olivia – I am excited about taking new responsibilities and being able to look after myself. I’m a bit worried about getting lost, not being able to do difficult work and losing important things I need for my next lessons.” Olivia

Holly – I look forward to new challenges to overcome but I’m a little anxious about what they might be. I look forward to growing up but am sad I am not three anymore!

Chiili – I am excited about meeting new people and going into more in depth in things which interest me. I will have almost a fresh start with learning and have new friends.

Jessie – I am really excited about being able to be more responsible in how I do things and have more freedom in my choices.



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