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My favourite event…

I really enjoy sports at school because everyone works as a team and even though we may not win all the time, it brings the houses closer. (Bella)

Phoebe – My favourite school trip was the ski trip to Sere Chevalier. That trip was so fun. You had so much freedom to do what you wanted in the evenings, which was usually buying a milkshake and a chocolate bar. It was my first time ever skiing so I was scared when I first got up and onto the slopes but by the end of the week I was whizzing down a red run. Now that’s an achievement.

Bella – One of my best memories would be King Arthur because ever since Nursery, I have always wanted to take part in the Year 5 and 6 plays!

Olivia – My favourite event at school was King Arthur. I loved singing the songs and acting the part I was in but also watching everybody else doing their own parts too. Olivia

Levine – My favourite trip of was the trip to France because we got to go with our friends and to sleep in the same room as them. That is the first time I’ve been to France, it was so fun. I have learned lots of French and visited historical places in France.


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