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Junior Case Studies

Teamwork at our school

The best example of teamwork was our drama production King Arthur because everybody helped by learning lines and helping put the play together. (Naomi)

Levine – I think my biggest challenge in this school was our play King Arthur because I have only been in England for three years and my English was not very good. Year 6 have lots of lines to say and lots of actions to do. Before the play I was so worried that if I had a big part I probably wouldn’t learn all the lines in a few months. But after the play I think next time I should try a bigger part so I can get more lines to learn and make myself more confident!

Alice – The best example of teamwork would be sailing. There may have only been two or three people per boat, at the most there were four. But, we each had own job, whether it was to steer or to pull in the boom, or even to make sure the boat was level. If you don’t like water, capsizing won’t be the best thing for you!


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