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Junior Case Studies

What Dovercourt has done for me…

Girls from Year 6 reflect on their time at Dovercourt

Alex – My time at Dovercourt has made me more confident in myself and has pushed me to achieve more than I imagined possible. It has made me go for things that I wouldn’t have gone for and made me try new things. Dovercourt has made me realise that anything is possible if you try hard. I have made friends that will stay with me forever.

Poppy – I think Dovercourt has prepared me for the future in so many ways such as believing in myself and being resilient.

Thalia – Dovercourt has definitely boosted my confidence. I have really advanced in my singing at Dovercourt.

Olivia – Dovercourt has taught me more things in a year than ever before and prepared me for the things I will need to do in the future like hard words I need to use or hard sums in maths.

Jemima – Dovercourt has prepared me to be more confident, say my ideas and work my hardest at every subject and not to be afraid to ask a teacher for help.

Alice – Dovercourt has done many things for me. In some ways it has completely changed my life and given me a different opinion of myself and of others around me.

Holly – Dovercourt has made me more confident, when I first started in Nursery I wouldn’t say a word. It started my love of dance and I can remember our weekly ballet lessons in Year 1 and 2. Dovercourt has shaped my personality and made me who I am today.

Alice – Dovercourt has prepared me for the future by giving me a good education and boosting my confidence to a much higher level.

Chilli – I feel like it has developed my personality, my social life and my way of thinking. Without Dovercourt, my aspirations would be very different to what they are now. It has made me confident and given me many opportunities to step forward to show everyone who I am.


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