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Entry into Reception Class 2017

Applications for entry into our Reception Class in September 2017 are now being accepted.

Portsmouth High Junior School is currently accepting applications for entry into Reception Class in September 2017.

Assessments for entry into our Reception Class take place throughout the year subject to places being available. For this young age group the assessments are informal and involve classroom activities with the girls which enable us get to know them and for the girls to familiarise themselves with the school environment.

The accelerated academic programme in our Reception Class at Portsmouth High Junior School builds on the Early

Years Foundation Stage syllabus to advance learning quickly in phonics, early literacy and numeracy.

Combined with lessons by specialist teachers in French, IT and music and weekly lessons in philosophy and PE, the school provides a strong early foundation for academic success. A full schedule of trips and visitors into school supports work in the classroom promoting curiosity and an enjoyment of learning.

To book an assessment for your daughter, please contact Mrs Fergie Cox on 023 9282 4916 or email admissions@por.gdst.net


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