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School day

Portsmouth High Junior School is a perfect place to start your school days. It makes pupils at our school wake up in the morning and say ‘school, I can’t wait!’... YEAR 6 PUPIL

PHS Nursery School Day 8-30

The day begins

Girls should arrive at school in time for registration in their classroom at 8.30am. They then go to assembly in the hall at 8.45. Their first lesson begins at 9.05 and the second lesson at 9.35.

PHS Junior School Day 10-05High School Girls

Morning break

Morning break starts at 10.05 when girls can play and explore in the gardens and take time for a healthy snack.

PHS Junior School Day 10-25


Lesson 3 begins at 10.25, Lesson 4 at 10.55, Lesson 5 at 11.25 and Lesson 6 at 11.55.

PHS Junior School Day 12-25

Lunch break

All girls have a lunch cooked by Portsmouth High School catering staff on the premises. They sit around tables with the rest of the girls in their class and with their teacher. After lunch they are free to play or go to one of the many lunch time clubs available.

PHS Junior School Day 1-15Nursery School Pupil

Afternoon lessons

Lesson 7 starts at 13.15, Lesson 8 at 13:40, Lesson 9 at 14.10 and Lesson 10 at 14.40.

PHS Junior School Day 3-10Nursery School day

The end of the day

Girls meet back in their classroom with their teacher at 15.10 for form time before they go home for the day at 15.30. Some girls stay on for clubs or Aftercare and others make their way home with parents, grandparents or carers. The school minibus service collects pupils from the Junior School and takes them home to a variety of locations in the local catchment area. The school gates close at 18:00.


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