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Taster Day Experience – Charlotte from Year 6

My teacher came over and welcomed me and made me feel a lot less worried. I started to feel excited and ready for the day ahead.

I came for a Taster Day on a Friday and it was Celebration Assembly first thing in the morning. It was taken by Year 6 and was about Remembrance Day. Afterwards we went into the Meeting Room and I was feeling a lot more confident and chatted to all the girls.

My first lesson began and I always had someone to talk to, someone to sit next to  and always someone to show me the way and be there for me. The next few lessons went past in an exciting blur and it was soon lunchtime when I tucked into some delicious food and had ice cream for pudding.

I then went to a science lesson where I learnt so much in an exciting and fun way rather than just listening to the teacher


talking all the time. It was then time for PE and when we were getting changed I talked to the other girls a lot and found a couple of people I knew and already I felt part of the school.

My final lesson was history where we did some quizzes on the Ancient Greeks. I also did lots of descriptive writing and when I went to get my work marked the teacher only had happy and good things to say about my work which made me feel warm and really happy.

Throughout the day many teachers and girls from different year groups welcomed me and introduced themselves which was really nice. The day went really quickly and it was soon time to go home. I walked down the stairs to my Mum, knowing that this school was made for me. Back


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