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Meet Buttercup Bear at Portsmouth High Nursery School

My name is Buttercup Bear and I live at
Portsmouth High Nursery School.

I love living here in the Nursery School because there are always lots of exciting things going on and there is never a dull moment. I join in with lots of activities which help the children learn new skills and grow in confidence whilst having fun at the same time.

Sometimes, when girls first start Nursery School, they are a little scared and shy. I want to tell them that they needn’t worry because everyone is really friendly here and Mrs Dempster, Mrs Shaw and Mrs West look after everyone so well that no one ever feels lost or left out. It’s a very happy place to live.

I’m really lucky because I get to go out with the girls when they go and play in our lovely big gardens or if they go down to the local library or to their ballet class. Best of all though is when one of the Nursery School pupils invites me for tea at their house or asks me stay for a few days. This means I can find out more about their home life and meet their families. I love meeting new people.

Although the Nursery School is my favourite place I do get itchy feet and I like to go out and about and travel. You can follow my adventures both in the Nursery and when I’m away by following my ‘Adventure Trail’ here on the Portsmouth High School website.

Friday 20 October

This week we have enjoyed putting on puppet shows for each other. We used puppets from traditional tales such as the Three Billy Goats Gruff, as well as making our own finger puppets and creating imaginative stories and songs. It was great fun and really helped build our confidence performing.

We have explored ‘n’ as our Sound of the Week in phonics and had fun counting and sorting conkers collected from the garden in mathematics activities.

Reception Class
This week Reception Class went on a fantastic trip to the City Museum exploring the influence of Sir Thomas Ellis Owen on the architecture of Southsea and spotting similarities and differences across the ages.

The children walked all the way there and back showing grit and resilience as well as displaying exceptionally good manners and behaviour throughout. The girls  charmed and delighted everyone they saw with their solid understanding of the subject matter and sheer enthusiasm to expand their understanding further.

Friday 13 October

This week we have all been enjoying phonics activities with ‘p’ as our sound of the week. We all had fun taking turns to be a princess and being given presents of only things that began with ‘p’.

We have also been practising recognising and writing numbers, as well as counting out a set number of objects and painting with numbers. Our Tiger who came to Tea activities have been continuing and we have made some terrific tigers for our display.

Reception Class
Girls in Reception Class have been exploring the seasons and have been especially captivated by all the amazing signs of autumn in the garden. They started by comparing all the different sorts of acorns and their various states of decay and then took the acorns inside to have a go at estimating how many had been collected. They were amazed that the total came to over 250.

Friday 6 October

This week we went outside in the school gardens and gathered a beautiful collection of autumn leaves. We looked at the different sizes and colours of the leaves before using them for printing and making lovely collages.

We have also worked hard with our numbers, practising our counting and matching the numerals. Our role-play area is now a veterinary surgery and all of us have loved caring for our toy pets, giving them injections and applying bandages to their wounds.

Reception Class
Across the hallway in Reception Class girls have been thinking about the elements that are so important in all the stories we know and love. They have been thinking about how the author introduces the reader to the characters, the setting of the story and builds the progression of a plot line. The girls are aiming to soon be able to do this all by themselves creating amazing tales of our own. I am looking forward to reading some of their stories.

Friday 29 September

We have explored the texture and feeling of various items in pre-school over the week, including jelly, rice, cooked spaghetti, furry material, shaving foam, corrugated card and foil. The children thought of all sorts of associated descriptive words, such as squishy, gloopy, wobbly, wiggly, bumpy and soft. In phonics we have worked on ‘t’ as our sound of the week and the children have enjoyed the story of The Tiger who came to Tea. Together we have also done some excellent number work counting elephants which was lots of fun.

Reception Class
This week Reception Class have been exploring measurement, thinking about weight, temperature, speed and length. We drew around our own feet measuring the length and width increasing our mathematical vocabulary. We built our cutting and sticking skills by turning our feet into amazing kites.

Friday 22 September

This week we have loved having the guinea-pigs in our classroom to look after. We have learnt about what they eat and drink and have enjoyed cuddling them. We have also looked closely at them and counted how many of each body part they have (legs, ears, eyes and even whiskers!). In phonics, we have looked at things that begin with ‘a’ and practised writing this letter. We have enjoyed various activities associated with the story of The Rainbow Fish, including thinking about being kind and sharing and making our own rainbow fish collages.


Reception Class
This week we have been on an amazing shape hunt, searching every classroom while the older girls were out at the welcome service. We were very proud of all the ticks on our shape sheets.


Friday 15 September

We have started our phonics programme this week in Pre-School, with the children thinking about things that have ‘sss’ as an initial sound. We sorted objects and put all those that begin with ‘s’ together, then found out how to write the letter ‘s’. In Forest School, the children started to think about seasonal changes and enjoyed making autumn crowns with beautiful leaves from the garden.

Reception Class
This week Reception have been enjoying the new challenges of being independent learners. We have changed ourselves for P.E. and ballet managing all buttons and tights by ourselves. Our focus for next week is to ensure we can all get our shoes on correctly and know our left from our right.

Friday 8 September

The Pre-School children have been enjoying settling back into their school routines. We have welcomed  new pupils into Pre-School and all the children have enjoyed making friends and joining in with various activities, including music, French, ballet and exploring outside. We have also helped to measure each other to see how tall the children are and recorded it on our height chart.

Reception Class
Reception have had a marvellous first week, settling happily into school life. They have thrown themselves enthusiastically into our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory topic work, creating an amazing display board they would love you to come and see.



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