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Meet Buttercup Bear at Portsmouth High Nursery School

My name is Buttercup Bear and I live at
Portsmouth High Nursery School.

I love living here in the Nursery School because there are always lots of exciting things going on and there is never a dull moment. I join in with lots of activities which help the children learn new skills and grow in confidence whilst having fun at the same time.

Sometimes, when girls first start Nursery School, they are a little scared and shy. I want to tell them that they needn’t worry because everyone is really friendly here and Mrs Dempster, Mrs Shaw and Mrs West look after everyone so well that no one ever feels lost or left out. It’s a very happy place to live.

I’m really lucky because I get to go out with the girls when they go and play in our lovely big gardens or if they go down to the local library or to their ballet class. Best of all though is when one of the Nursery School pupils invites me for tea at their house or asks me stay for a few days. This means I can find out more about their home life and meet their families. I love meeting new people.

Although the Nursery School is my favourite place I do get itchy feet and I like to go out and about and travel. You can follow my adventures both in the Nursery and when I’m away by following my ‘Adventure Trail’ here on the Portsmouth High School website.

Monday 28 November

Hello everyone – over the last few weeks the Nursery School children have been working hard with their Nativity rehearsals and it was an honour to finally perform our play at the Kings Theatre in Southsea last night.

Everyone was a little nervous beforehand but all went well on the night and we were pleased to have done it. We are all now looking forward to performing our Pre-Prep Nativity to parents in December.

Last week we all enjoyed a visit from some unusual animals and insects from ZooLab. It was amazing as we all had the

chance to touch some of them including a giant millipede and a corn snake who was very long. It has all fitted in well with our topics centred on exploring the senses this term.

Everyone is enjoying our learning programme in the classroom and last week we combined both our mathematics and fine motor skills to thread coloured pasta to make patterned necklaces. Last week’s sound of the week was ‘d’ and our number of the week was been 8. We are looking forward to lots more exciting events before the end of term.

Wednesday 14 September

It’s great to be back at the start of a new term and a whole new academic year – welcome back!

We have been delighted to welcome all the new children into the Nursery School – I know they will have a wonderful time here. During the first week of term teachers Mrs Dempster and Mrs Shaw concentrated on settling all the new children in and helping them to feel at home here.

This week we have been discussing the topic of ‘ourselves’. The children have thought about members of their family and brought in pictures to share with everyone. We have also begun to think about rules and behaviour, taking turns and sharing.

In mathematics, we have enjoyed counting games, especially one involving counting out a set number of fish into a bowl and then find the matching number card. This was brilliant for improving our counting skills and applying them in new situations.

The wonderful weather this week has enabled us to get out and about in the beautiful gardens to run and play lots of games which has been great fun!

Friday 15 July

Hello everyone. The last few weeks of the summer term have been a flurry of activity here in the Nursery School.

It has been amazing to watch our caterpillars grow and grow just like in the The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. When they had grown so much they suddenly stopped eating and turned into chrysalises. We just couldn’t wait to see what would happen – what would hatch out? Finally our patience was rewarded when, one by one, the chrysalises started splitting and out came a butterfly! At first their wings were all crumpled but gradually they started to straighten out and before long they could fly. It was a lovely occasion when we took them all out into the school gardens to release them and we watched them fly away.

This year for the first time the Nursery School had their very own sports day on the lawn outside our classroom. It was combined with a teddy bears’ picnic which was great as I was able to welcome lots of teddy bear friends into school. The theme this year was the Rio Olympics and the children had lots of races which were great fun. Medals and certificates were awarded which made it a very special day.

We also enjoyed Family Day when we performed for the children’s parents up at the Senior School and came back to the Junior School to have a delicious picnic on the lawn.

Although the rest of the school has broken up for the summer holidays, children at the Nursery School are still here for a few more weeks.

Wednesday 6 January

Just before the Christmas holidays we did some dental role play in the Nursery which was very important for one of our Nursery pupils who was worried about a visit to the dentist.

We pretended we were at the dentist and all had our teeth inspected. I was delighted to accompany our worried pupil to the dentist in person and volunteered to lay in the chair first when we arrived to show that there was nothing to be afraid of.


I had a very exciting time over the Christmas holidays as I went to visit Father Christmas in the North Pole and spent lots of time playing in the snow with the reindeer. It is much warmer back home and it is lovely to be back in Portsmouth High Nursery School to spend time with the children again. More news about this term’s activities soon.


Wednesday 14 October

This half-term has flown past with lots of fun and finding out about new things. We welcomed our new nursery pupils in September who have settled in well and are enjoying their time in the Nursery School. We also welcomed our new teacher Mrs Dempster who is enjoying getting to know the school and teaching us every day.

One of my favourite topics has been learning about caterpillars and butterflies. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a wonderful story and it is amazing to think how a caterpillar can turn into such a beautiful butterfly. Through the story we learnt about the days of the week and practised our counting with keeping a total of how many different fruits the hungry caterpillar managed to eat.

We picked some peas in the garden and used pieces of egg boxes to make our very own caterpillars. Each of us decided how many legs our own caterpillars would have and had to count each one as we attached them. My caterpillar had 14 legs although technically caterpillars only have six true legs.

We also looked at symmetry and how butterflies have symmetrical wings. I can’t begin to imagine what happens when the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and then a beautiful butterfly. Come and see our amazing Very Hungry Caterpillar display in the Nursery classroom!



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