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Senior Case Studies

Zosia, Year 7

When I first started in Year 7 I was quite nervous about making new friends but looking back I shouldn’t have been. Everyone was very friendly and I settled in well.

My advice is to enjoy your time at Portsmouth High School because it is an excellent experience. Highlights of the year for me were all the trips that Year 7 go on. My favourites were the bonding trip when I first joined and the trip to Winchester Science Centre which was very interesting.

A typical day in starts at 8.40am with registration and continues with either form time or assembly until 9.05am. Assemblies are interesting because people come from all walks of life to talk about different things. Quite often pupils

play instruments or sing as everyone is going into the hall which is really nice to listen to. Lessons then start and it is usually a double lesson until break at 10.05am. Lunch is at 12.25pm and we start afternoon lessons at 1.35pm. School finishes at 3.40 and there are lots of after school clubs or you can go home.

I hope you will choose PHS because it is an excellent school.


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