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Senior Case Studies

Grace, Year 7

I joined Portsmouth High School in Year 7 and am glad I did. I have had so many opportunities such as a trip to Calvados, taking part in the Girls’ Day School Trust sports rally and a playing in a rounders tournament.

I was nervous when I joined because I had to make new friends and find my way to lessons in a much bigger school. After about 2 months I knew my way around the school like the back of my hand and had pretty much memorised my timetable. One thing I always found was there is always someone there for you such as Mrs Davies our Head of Year 7, or Mr Goldbrum my form tutor. You never stand alone.

One of my favourite parts of Year 7 has been the opportunities in PE. I have travelled to GDST rallies; played football, netball, rounders, hockey and taken part in the ‘Road to Wimbledon’ tennis. We have an amazing PE team of teachers who always help us to improve our skills and play to a high standard.


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