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Senior Case Studies

Holly, Year 7

I have grown up at Portsmouth High School as I joined the Nursery School when I was 3 years old. It has been a lovely place to spend part of my childhood and has made me more confident, enthusiastic and resilient.

Portsmouth High School has a lovely community and the teachers really want to do the best they can for all of the girls here. I have been given so many opportunities and experiences here which will stay with me for life.

Starting the Senior School was a scary experience but by lunchtime on my first day I felt like I had been in Year 7 for ages. The teachers and older girls were really kind and happy to help. I have made so many new friends and learnt many things about myself whilst being at Portsmouth High School.

I really enjoy science at this school and we have the chance to do lots of experiments. There is also a science club which is really fun. There are lots of other clubs such as rounders, art and drama. In drama club we performed a play to our parents which was a great experience. I also joined Ukuladies and my skills in playing the ukulele have grown and I played in a music concert in front of the mayor.

Portsmouth High is an amazing school and I’m glad my Mum sent me here.


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