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Senior Case Studies

Nabila, Year 7

When I first started Portsmouth High School in September 2016 I didn’t really know anyone else there. Luckily the school gives pupils many opportunities to meet new people.

By the end of the first two weeks I knew everyone’s name and made friends. It is very comforting to make friends and know that you are not alone.

Ever since I started at Portsmouth High School I feel like I’ve developed and grown because I have found some of my hidden talents such as being goal defence in the netball team, being second base in rounders and being successful at high jump. I’ve also found I am a great mathematician.

At Portsmouth High there are lots of different clubs both at lunchtime and after school. Sports clubs are very popular

but there are lots of others such as baking, arts, drama, design technology, chess and many more.

Lessons here are actually quite creative. The teachers are very nice and let us express our creativity. Sometimes we do extended projects instead of homework and the homework doesn’t take too long. You can really notice how much you have learned over time. Personally I’m really impressed.

This school isn’t as scary as it seems. You will soon get used to going to a bigger school. I think that anyone joining is definitely going to have a great experience.


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