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GCSE Results 2016

'Public examination results and work observed show that senior school pupils make progress that is high in relation to the average for pupils of similar abilities.'
ISI Report 2015

Percentage of GCSE
grades A* – A = 68%
across all subjects.

It was another year of excellent results as 68% of all grades were A*/A, 91% were A* – B and 100% were A* – C.

In IGCSE French 100% of the girls received A*/A grades. There was great success in the STEM subjects too with 94% of the girls receiving A*/A in Biology, Physics and Chemistry exploding the myth that girls can’t do science.

We credit our success to the hard work of our specialist teachers, disciplined classes and highly regarded, traditional courses, which give our girls a firm foundation for academic excellence.

Year 11 GCSE RESULTS 2016      
Biology (IGCSE)1681%13%6%0%
Chemistry (IGCSE)1670%25%5%0%
Physics (IGCSE)1670%25%5%0%
Science Double Award3013%47%23%17%
Mathematics (IGCSE)4035%38%15%10%
Art and Design (Fine Art)50%80%20%0%
Art and Design (Textiles)20%0%100%0%
History (IGCSE)2631%39%15%12%
Computer Science10%100%0%0%
Religious Studies2752%44%4%0%
English Language (IGCSE)3939%26%31%4%
English Literature (IGCSE)3946%21%26%7%
French (IGCSE)771%29%0%0%
Spanish (IGCSE)1127%9%55%9%
Latin (Language)3100%0%0%0%
Latin (Literature)6100%0%0%0%
Classical Civilisation333%0%34%33%
Design and Technology (Graphic Products)30%33%67%0%
Design and Technology (Resistant Materials)40%100%0%0%


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