GCSE Results 2017

Percentage of GCSE
grades A* – A = 68%
across all subjects.

It was another year of excellent results as 44% of all grades were A*, 68% were A*/A  and 87% were A* – B.

There was great success in the STEM subjects with 100% of the girls receiving A*-B in biology, physics and chemistry.  In French, Spanish and drama there was 100% success rate of girls achieving A*-B grades and there was 100% of girls achieving A* in Latin Language, Russian and Japanese.

We credit our success to the hard work of our specialist teachers, disciplined classes and highly regarded, traditional courses, which give our girls a firm foundation for academic excellence.

Year 11 GCSE RESULTS 2017    
Biology (IGCSE)78%13%9%0%
Chemistry (IGCSE)61%30%9%0%
Physics (IGCSE)61%30%9%0%
Science Double Award43%23%23%8%
Mathematics (IGCSE)37%35%13%13%
Art and Design (Fine Art)6%39%44%11%
Geography (IGCSE)53%21%16%5%
History (IGCSE)47%25%16%13%
Computer Science40%40%0%0%
Religious Studies55%30%10%5%
English Language (IGCSE)46%22%20%12%
English Literature (IGCSE)54%28%9%4%
Performing Arts0%60%40%0%
French (IGCSE)50%36%14%0%
German (IGCSE)0%100%0%0%
Spanish (IGCSE)75%8%17%0%
Latin (Language)100%0%0%0%
Latin (Literature)67%0%17%0%
Classical Civilisation0%33%67%0%
Music Studies0%56%33%11%
Design and Technology 0%0%67%33%
Design and Technology (Resistant Materials)0%14%43%43%
Sports Studies0%0%40%40%