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GCSE success stories

“Just some of the GCSE success stories for Year 11 pupils at Portsmouth High Senior School”
GCSE results at Portsmouth High School GDST

Frances Colley

Grades – 9A*s
I am so pleased with my results. We are off to celebrate seeing some friends today. I am planning on taking mathematics, Spanish and chemistry for A levels. The hard work really has paid off.

GCSE results at Portsmouth High School

Florence Smith

Grades – 9A*, 2B
I am planning on taking geography, French and religious studies for A levels in the hope that I will be able to read French at university and possibly then do a conversion to law. I am so excited today and off to celebrate with my cousin.

Imogen Dyne

Grades – 9A*, 1A
I am off out for breakfast to celebrate now but I am so pleased. I am taking history, French, mathematics and chemistry for A levels but I don’t know yet what I want to do in the future.

Rachel Kellagher

Grades – 8A*, 2A
I am taking history, geography and mathematics for A levels and I would love to try for Oxbridge if I can to do either history, geography or PPE. I would love to eventually have a career in law or government but am not sure yet. I am off on holiday tomorrow so I need to go home and pack!’

Felicity Duck

Grades – 2A*, 2A, 3B, 2C
I am so pleased with these results. I am going to take psychology, politics and sociology for A levels. I have had so much help and support from teachers. I couldn’t have got these results without them. I am off out to lunch with my mum to celebrate.

A Level results at Potrtsmouth High School

Francesca McBride

Grades – 11A*s
I am taking history, mathematics, Spanish and French for A levels. I want to eventually have a career in diplomacy so will hopefully read International Relations at university. I’ve just got back from Edinburgh performing The Penelopiad at the Fringe which was amazing so I just need to relax now before joining Sixth Form.