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Sharing books on World Book Day

I'm reading... pupils and staff share what they are currently reading on World Book Day

India from Year 2
India is reading Sir Chancelot and the Horrible Howling Monsters. She said “I like it as there are monsters in it and they are all scary but in the end they help save people. I chose it from the book corner in my classroom and took it home to read”.

Matilda from Year 2
Matilda is reading Eric’s Talking Ears by Susan Gates. She said “It’s about animals using their ears to talk. I like the animals in it – there are elephants, giraffes, a rhino and a crocodile. The pictures are lovely and bright. I chose it from the book corner in my classroom. I think everyone should read it.”

Director of Music Mr Tinsley
“I’m excited to be reading Kate Atkinson’s A God in Ruins. I’m reading this book for the reading group I belong to in Southampton. It’s the sequel to Kate Atkinson’s award winning Life after Life, which explores different ‘What if…’ scenarios during World War II. It’s a fabulous read which is very cleverly written.”

Mrs Bartlett – Librarian
“I’m reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. It’s a mystery/suspense set in London. An excellent read which I would highly recommend.”

Miss Nunan – Admissions Registrar
“I’m currently reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. I’m only part way through the 900 odd pages. The book is a true story about an Australian on the run from prison and his time in India. I’ve been to India and Gregory’s account gives an exceptional insight into the Indian way of life and the crazy city of Mumbai. Funny throughout, absorbing and very interesting.”

Mrs Webb – Receptionist
“My latest book is Tell me no secrets by Julie Corbin. It’s a thriller set in the highlands of Scotland. It’s keeping me guessing as to ‘who dun it’, which is how I like my thrillers.”

Mrs Hourahine – Mandarin teacher
“My current book is Mindfulness by Ruby Wax. It explores the depths of the human mind and how changing thought processes can change the way you carry out your daily activities and lead to a more fulfilling life. A great read with real practical applications.”

Kendra from Year 8
Kendra would recommend The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon. “It’s a thrilling book and also has a sense of rarity. It is very moving, funny and certainly has an odd effect on the reader.”


Amelia from Year 8
Amelia would recommend A Work in Progress by Conner Franter. “It is very interesting and exciting. It’s an autobiography and it’s very interesting to hear the author’s point of view on various topics.”

Imogen from Year 8
“I would recommend Spotlight on Sunny. It’s a book about 3 girls who go on a film making course. It’s a really good book for 11-14 year olds, or just people who are interested in film making.”

Mrs Prescott – Headmistress
“I’m currently reading The Stranger by Harlan Coben. It’s an interesting mystery that has you gripped from the start. Why did she lie to her husband about being pregnant and where is she now? Who is the stranger that told him she had lied. I enjoy trying to guess who is the culprit and why and books that make it hard to put down are the most enjoyable.”

Dr Barrett – Junior School teacher
Dr Barrett is reading Alice In Wonderland – however, he is reading it in Old English…

Mr Rahman – Junior School teacher
“I am currently reading Wassim the Wanderer by Chris Ashley with my little cousins. They enjoy the story and I like the football theme. I would definitely recommend it to girls and boys alike.”

Isobel form Year 9
“I would recommend The Last Summer of Us to people looking for a book that is adventurous and takes you on a road trip with the characters and is generally great!”

Natalia from Year 9
I would recommend reading Seed by Lisa Heathfield as it has a rather unexpected storyline which is engaging for the reader. It does have an abrupt and disappointing ending though but it is well worth the read.”

Romana from the Sixth Form
“I’ve not long started reading Lady Audley’s Secret. It’s a very detailed thriller full of lots of different angles to keep you gripped. It provides you with a different take on the genre and is a very good read.”

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