A Level success stories at Portsmouth High Sixth Form

A Level success stories

“Just some of the success stories for Portsmouth High Sixth Formers on A Level results day August 2017...”
private sixth form

Eleanor Burford

Chemistry A*, Mathematics A, Biology A

Destination: University of York

Subject: Chemistry Eleanor and Hannah are twins and Eleanor said ‘We have both helped each other out and we’re excited to go off to university now. The friends I’ve made at Portsmouth High School will last a lifetime. I’m very excited about university but I will miss Hannah.’

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Hannah Burford

Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A*, Physics A

Destination: University of Lancaster

Subject: Mechanical Engineering

Twin sister Hannah said ‘There is no competition between us and we are just so pleased for each other. The teachers have been amazing and yes, Eleanor will miss me when something technical goes wrong! We are off out tonight to celebrate’.

sixth form in Hampshire

Emma Lamb

Geography A, Psychology A, Religious Studies A*

Destination: University of Exeter

Subject: Psychology

‘I’ve been at Portsmouth High School since Year 7. I am so excited about going to Exeter to read Psychology. I’m not sure how I am going to celebrate today but will definitely do something nice.’

A Level results at Portsmouth High School 2017

Georgie Howard (right)

Psychology A*, Religious Studies A, Politics B

Destination: University of Exeter

Subject: Politics and International Relations

‘The teachers have been so supportive. I’ve been at Portsmouth High School for seven years and if ever I’ve needed a teacher to explain something they have always been there. I’m off to open a bottle of champagne and celebrate.’

sixth form in hampshire

Maleha Khan

Biology A, Chemistry B, Physics B

Destination: University of Southampton Subject: Aerospace Engineering

‘I am so excited. I’ve been with the RAF cadets for the past three years and am now a Sergeant. My Squadron is in Hedge End so I can combine staying on with the cadets and my degree. I’ve always wanted to broaden my horizons and I hope that this degree will do just that.’

independent sixth form

Esther Pilling (second left)

Psychology A*, Classical Civilization A, Design Technology A

Destination: University of Reading Subject: Architecture

‘At the beginning of the year I really wasn’t sure whether I would get the grades to get to university. Combining studies with being on the Head Girl team I thought would be difficult to manage but it all turned out well today.’

A Level results at Portsmouth High School 2017

Tegan Hull

Chemistry A*, Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A*, Physics A

Destination: University of Cambridge

Subject: Natural Sciences

‘I’ve worked so hard. I’ve had such lovely, dedicated teachers and have been able to email them with questions at literally any time. I am so excited about Cambridge and start at the end of September.’

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Abi Harindra

French A*, History A*, Religious Studies A*, Mandarin (Pre-U) A*

Destination; University of Oxford

Subject: Law

‘I’ve had so much unbelievable help from teachers. I’ve been at PHS for 14 years, since I was three and I couldn’t have asked for more; they have all been so supportive. I’m going home now to sleep!’

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Lizzie Faulkner

Biology A*, Chemistry A, Mathematics A

Destination: University of Manchester

Subject: Medicine

‘I have done so much revision in school and in the library.  I’ve had masses of support from teachers too and I am now so excited to start at Manchester.’

sixth form open evenings

Isabel Boden

Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Mathematics A

Destination: University of Bath (provisional as might take a gap year)

Subject: to be confirmed

‘I have an offer at Bath but I might take a gap year and re-apply with grades in hand.  It is a wonderful feeling to think the world is my oyster.’

sixth form open days

Manon Powrie

Geography A*, Psychology A*, English Literature A

Destination: University College London

Subject: Geography

‘I’m deferring my place for a year at UCL to do some work first. I am going to work for ICS which is the senior part of NCS (National Citizenship Service). It’s been a long journey with the new linear A Levels but it feels like it has all been worth it.’

Portsmouth High Sixth Form A Level Results

Sayeeda Nur

Politics A*, Classical Civilization A, Religious Studies A, History B

Destination: University of Durham

Subject: History and Politics

‘I have been so nervous and wasn’t sure if I would get into Durham. Juggling being on the Head Girl team was difficult but having good time management and endless support from teachers really helped out.’

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