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The Portsmouth High School Experience

Girls featuring in this year's Open Morning Campaign are pleased to share their experiences of life at Portsmouth High School.

Georgia in Year 3

My name is Georgia and I came to Portsmouth High School in Year 3. I live near Wittering and come to school every day on the school minibus.

My favourite subject is maths because I like adding up. I like English too because I like writing stories. My favourite school trip so far is when we went to Marwell. We did lots of games and made a real raft with bottles which didn’t sink. It was sunny but rained some of the time. We spent 2 nights at Marwell which was fun.

I like this school because the teachers are nice and everyone is friendly. I also like the gardens and big climbing frame. I’m looking forward to doing Forest Schools in Year 4 because I like being outside doing lots of activities.

(Georgia is sitting second from the left and has become very good at telling the time.)

Alice in the Nursery School

Alice joined Portsmouth High School in the Nursery and she has just moved up into Reception Class.

What I enjoy most at school – playing in the gardens with my friend Phoebe. I like playing outside and swinging on the big pole.

Best thing about Nursery – the teachers are kind and I liked the mud kitchen and playing with water outside. In Nursery we did lots of things and read lots of books. I like being able to go back into Nursery to show my teachers what I’ve done.

Favourite activity in Reception Class – writing is my favourite thing in class and this week I got seven stars for my writing and got all my finger spaces right. I want to be in the Golden Book. I like writing more than maths. I like ballet and I love music and singing. My favourite book is Aliens and Underpants Save the World.

(Alice isn’t in the picture above but she has featured in other adverts both in the press and outdoors.)

Matilda in Year 7

My name is Matilda and I joined Portsmouth High School last year in Year 7. I joined a few weeks into Year 7 but I soon felt like I’d been at the school from the start.

Before I joined the school I came on a Taster Day so I could find out what it would be like to be a pupil at the school. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by the Head of Year 7 Mrs Davies and by my pupil buddy for the day. I found all the other Year 7 girls very welcoming. I went to all the lessons of including science, PE, mathematics, French and classical civilisation and found all of them enjoyable and interesting in different ways.

The first lesson of the day was science and we performed an experiment to find out how reducing the surface area of a cupcake case affected the length of time it took to reach the floor when dropped from a height. I enjoyed it because it was a hands-on way to learn. My favourite lesson of the day was PE because it was active, informative and the teachers made it fun. Being with the other girls in lessons helped me to get to know them better. I was struck by the real respect the girls had for their teachers and the atmosphere in lessons was phenomenol. Coming on a taster day made me really want to come back and be part of the school.

Now I’m at the school as a pupil for real I love getting involved with sport. There are so many sporting opportunities in lessons and in co-curricular activities. I really enjoy being part of the trampolining team. I am in the cheerleading squad too and last term our team were victorious in the University of Portsmouth cheerleading competition. Dance and gymnastics are my favourite because there is a creative element to them as well as a need to be physically fit and flexible.

(Matilda is the sports enthusiast 3rd from the left)

Maleha in the Sixth Form

I’m Maleha and I’ve been at the school since Year 7 and am now enjoying my A Levels in physics, chemistry and biology alongside a creative Extended Project to design the stage for the annual Sixth Form Charity Fashion Show, always the highlight of the social calendar.

I thoroughly enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Sixth Form. Every year they are involved in organising Charity Week with entertaining events for the whole school. This year we will be raising money for Breast Cancer Haven. Events such as Charity Week, house plays and music competitions provide a very creative aspect to Sixth Form life alongside our academic studies.

School trips and external lectures have inspired my interest in physics and have helped me build a deeper understanding of science. I aspire to study aerospace engineering at university and aim to achieve a pilot’s licence to kick start my career.

Throughout my time at PHS, I have enjoyed the entertaining events and have loved being involved in many different clubs and societies such as science forum and the festival of languages. However, without the teachers here I wouldn’t be the same person I am and I am truly grateful for the unconditional support they provide.

(Maleha is the sixth former second from the right)

Lucy in the Sixth Form

I joined Portsmouth High School in Year 6 at the age of 9. The school appealed to both me and my parents because of the small class sizes and the community feel.

I love how close the school is and have friends in lots of different year groups as clubs and events help you mix with everyone. The teachers are so supportive and knowledgeable in their subject areas. This has been crucial for me during my A levels because their enthusiasm really encourages you to work and want to learn more.

I am currently studying English Literature, History and Politics with the addition of doing Mandarin at AS level last year. I chose these subjects because they all link so well together and you use similar skills whilst studying them. I love English because of the wide range of literature we study, from American 20th century plays to Chaucer, which gives you the opportunity to explore different cultures and history in contextual terms and styles of writing through literature.

I chose history because I loved studying it lower down the school and also because of the broad range of history we study, from the Crusades to the Tudors and American Civil Rights. In addition to this we get to research a period of history of our choice for the coursework element which really appealed to me. Politics is also really interesting as it is an ever changing subject, especially in the current political climate with Brexit and the strong divides within parties.

I carried on with Mandarin after my GCSE as I was able to go on the China trip and wanted to learn more about the culture (which the exam allows you to do) and to improve my speaking as I know it will be a vital asset to me in the future when applying for jobs as Mandarin is such a widely spoken language now. At university I want to combine my love for history and politics by studying history and international relations, and hopefully pursue a career in government and its role with national and international security.

I am currently a senior prefect for co-curricular activities so I try to involve myself in all aspects of school. I am in the hockey, netball and rounders team, play in the flute choir and sing in Cantabile. The music department is especially key for me as I am a music scholar and spend a lot of time there. All the music staff are so experienced and really encourage you to reach the best of your ability.

I feel the school gives everyone lots of opportunities to engage in clubs and teams as it enriches our time and makes sure we don’t always just concentrate on academic work. The school has supported me in so many ways, through the mentoring system in Year 7 to being able to always approach any member of staff with any problem or worry knowing they will always be happy to help.

Portsmouth High School has helped me develop into who I am today and has given me friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. I would highly recommend Portsmouth High School to any girl who wants to succeed at school and enjoy her time as much as I have thoroughly have enjoyed my years here.

(Lucy is the Sixth Former third from the right)

Alice in Year 8

My name is Alice and I’m currently in Year 8 at Portsmouth High School. I joined the school in the Nursery and have loved it ever since.

When I moved up to the Senior School I found it a big step up but the good grounding I had in the Junior School really helped me. Maths comes quite easily to me and I enjoy the challenge and our maths teachers stretch and encourage us. Drama is one of my favourite subjects too because it gives you the opportunity to open up, be yourself, and express your emotions.

I think Portsmouth High School has shaped my personality and made me into the person I am today. There are lots of opportunities at the school. When I was in Year 4 I joined a badminton club and I am thankful for that opportunity because I have really enjoyed playing ever since. I have improved in so many subjects and, along with my friends, continue to thrive in my learning. Teachers always try to make every lesson entertaining so learning is enjoyable.

For me, being at Portsmouth High School has been the trip of a lifetime and one I’ll never forget.

((Alice is a keen mathematician and is on the far right)

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