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A fresh learning approach

The world is not like the classroom, so we must make the classroom more like the world.

Prep and Pre-School Explorers


In the Prep and Pre-School a unique explorer approach to learning ensures girls use thinking skills that apply across the curriculum and beyond into sport, music and drama.

Why become explorers?

To learn we need to have a variety of skills and core competencies. Our ability to think, problem solve and apply our knowledge is essential to making progress.

At Portsmouth High Prep and Pre-School we work with the girls to create curious explorers. Not just children who are mere attenders dividing their day into different subjects, but those who think imaginatively and are resilient when faced with a problem. They make links between topics and are encouraged to be independent in thought. They are collaborative, working together in teams to accomplish their goals.

The Learning Wheels at Portsmouth High Prep and Pre-School are the foundations of the curriculum and House Point rewards are linked to them entirely.  The Explorers’ theme also runs through extended homework projects and activity days and acts as a catalyst for learning throughout the school.

Early Years Learning Wheel

Early Years Learning Wheel at Portsmouth High Pre-School


Prep School Learning Wheel

Prep School Learning Wheel at Portsmouth High Prep

Senior and Sixth Form Arete


Our school is a leader in education and this means more than excellent examination results. Our girls develop both knowledge and skills to become problem solvers. They are global citizens who can apply their educational experience to a wide range of situations with confidence and respect.

We have high aspirations for all our girls, not just a few.  We do not set limits to what can be achieved. Our girls, therefore, view challenges with relish and seek to work with each other, or independently, to overcome them.

What is Arete?

Arete, meaning excellence in everything, is a system developed by the school to achieve the above. It links in with the Prep School Explorer programme and provides a whole school initiative that is both unique and innovative.

The world is not like the classroom, so we must make the classroom more like the world.

Senior School and Sixth Form Learning Wheel

Arete Learning Wheel at Portsmouth High School