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Bursaries and scholarships

The GDST is committed to broadening access to the brightest but most financially disadvantaged girls. Bursaries and scholarships are available to any pupil aged 11 and over and most are awarded pre-entry either for Year 7 or on direct entry to the Sixth Form.


Bursaries are awarded only to pupils whose performance in the Entrance Examinations is exceptional. All bursaries are means tested and their value is related to the income and financial resources of the pupil’s family. The maximum value of a bursary can be the full published fees.

We aim to assist as many families qualifying for bursaries as possible. However, given the demand, we are not usually able to offer support to all of those who are eligible. Bursary applications must be made online and completed in the autumn term preceding the year of entry to the school.

Further information and FAQs are available in our Bursaries and Scholarships leaflet which can be downloaded via the link below. Do contact our Admissions Registrar Mrs Charlotte Thomson if you have any further queries via admissions@por.gdst.net or telephone the school on 023 9282 6714.

Scholarships are awarded on merit, irrespective of financial means. Offers are made based upon performance in entrance examinations (for academic scholarships) or outstanding ability demonstrated in disciplines such as music (11+ and 13+) drama (16+) and sport (11+, 13+ and 16+).

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11+ Academic Scholarships

Each year, we are able to offer academic scholarships to pupils starting in Year 7. These scholarships are not means tested and the small amount of money awarded represents the honour rather than a significant monetary value.

Everyone who sits the entrance examination is eligible to receive a scholarship and it is possible to be awarded a scholarship as well as a bursary. Offers are made based on the results of the entrance examination and a special application is not needed.

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13+ Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are also available for 13+ entry. Pupils should register their interest via the registration form by the end of the autumn term and sit the school’s entrance examination in the spring term, prior to the year of entry.

Following the examination, short-listed applicants will be invited to the school for an interview. There are up to two 13+ academic scholarships worth a maximum of 5% of annual fees throughout a girl’s school career and they are not means tested.

11+, 13+, 16+ Sport Scholarships

Sport scholarships are available at 11+, 13+ and 16+ to pupils who have outstanding ability in one sport or the potential to represent the school in several sports. Scholars are expected to regularly attend training, regularly contribute to the co-curricular programme and make satisfactory sporting progress.

Pupils should register their interest via the registration form by the end of the autumn term and sit the school’s entrance examinations in the spring term prior to September entry.

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11+ and 13+ Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are available at 11+ and 13+. Candidates should be performing at a standard that is higher than average for a pupil their age and have had a range of experience performing, such as in school concerts and assemblies, carol services, and community theatre. It is usual for applicants to have passed music examinations with merit or distinction and those at higher grade levels are more likely to be successful.

Music scholarships are granted with an understanding that some or all of the amount will be used towards internal tuition on an instrument (or voice). Applications must be submitted by the end of the autumn term. Interviews for these awards will be held immediately after the entrance examinations. Further details and an application form are available from the Admissions Registrar. Scholars will be expected to play a full part in the musical life of the school.

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16+ Sixth Form Scholarships

At 16+ we are able to offer Sixth Form academic scholarships to girls who demonstrate outstanding academic potential or excel in particular areas. We also offer Sixth Form scholarships in art, drama and sport to girls who excel in these areas of school life.

These scholarships are for the two years of Sixth Form and are awarded following special application and a selection procedure. Applications must usually be submitted by the end of the autumn term and selection takes place in late January or early February.

Further details on selection criteria are available in our dedicated Sixth Form scholarships leaflet available from our Admissions Registrar on request.

Scholarships at Portsmouth High Sixth Form