Astroturf | Portsmouth High School


Coming soon at
Portsmouth High Prep School

Now is a particularly exciting time at Portsmouth High Prep School for pupils and staff alike as preparations begin for the installation of new all-weather Astroturf at the rear of the school’s extensive grounds.

The new playing surface will bring yet more benefits. The girls will be able to use the Astroturf in all weathers, all the year round, in virtually all conditions. It will be used for many different sports and activities including hockey, netball, tennis, cricket, rounders and athletics.

The aesthetics, essential for the look of the school’s large gardens, will be substantially improved with attractive and updated new fencing as well as the excellence of the pitch itself.

Most importantly, girls of all ages will be have a high quality surface to play on, train, and ultimately improve their sporting prowess. It is indicative of our continuing programme of investment we are making as a school as part of the Girls’ Day School Trust. Incremental improvements to the learning environment can only be beneficial to the children and that is at the heart of all we do.