Charter for Action - Portsmouth High School

Charter for Action

Diversity, Inclusion and Real Change

Portsmouth High School, as part of the GDST, is undivided.

Undivided in our commitment to putting our pupils first.

Undivided in our fearlessness.

Undivided in our sense of family, where every individual is valued, respected and included.

In our mission to continually grow and improve, we set out the following Charter for Action.

We recognise the work that has been done to date and we acknowledge the steps that need to be taken to further improve the experience of everyone in our community. These are our commitments:

A culture of diversity 

Portsmouth High School will continue to embed a culture of diversity and inclusion, where every person is valued and supported. PHS is part of a family of schools where everyone feels that they belong.

Pupils – education and the school experience

PHS will support the school community to create opportunities for pupils to share feedback, discuss ideas and contribute to their whole-school diversity and inclusion strategies, as well as that of the GDST.

PHS has set up a Diversity and Inclusion group which is made up of pupils, alumnae, staff, governors and parents which will feed into PHS-wide action plans for increased diversity and inclusion.

PHS will ensure that school policies are clear, visible and inclusive of every pupil, including those from diverse backgrounds.

PHS will regularly review their curriculum to ensure they are balanced and reflect all their pupils’ backgrounds and include diverse role models and subject matters.

PHS will regularly survey our pupils so that their experiences can be channelled to make measurable improvements.

Staff – training, recruitment, representation and progression

The GDST will provide a robust programme of training for all staff on issues of bias, beliefs and behaviours.

The GDST will identify and remove barriers to the recruitment of a more diverse workforce at all levels of seniority, so that the composition of our staff better reflects our pupils’ wide range of backgrounds.

The GDST will further enhance our continuing professional development programme to support the career progression of all staff, with a specific programme for staff members from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Alumnae – empowering our girls and alumnae through the power of our network

The GDST will share progress against their Charter for Action with alumnae and seek their input into their Undivided programme, to learn from their lived experiences and harness their expertise.

PHS will engage with our alumnae to provide inspirational role models for the younger generation through talks, interviews and mentoring, sharing their stories and celebrating their journeys, especially those from under-represented ethnic backgrounds.