Girls go for gold and conquer Snowdon | Portsmouth High School

Girls go for gold and conquer Snowdon

A group of Sixth Formers passed their Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition with flying colours last weekend.

They trekked in Snowdonia, Wales, for three nights and four days and walked over 75 km across hills and beside lakes and ‘peaked’ with a climb to the top of Mount Snowdon—the highest mountain in Wales and second highest in the UK.

‘This was a great bonding experience for us all,’ said sixth former Chloe Cook-Richardson. ‘Pushing ourselves to the limit was, at times, challenging but totally rewarding. Finding paths that didn’t look like paths and having to walk along them was exciting and demanding. We got stuck in bogs, we got soaked in the rain but dried off in the sunshine on the last day. Overall it was a brilliant experience and I will have memories I will keep for the rest of my life.’

‘It was exhausting having constant minor challenges over a period of four days,’ added Katherine Faulkner. ‘But, as a team we worked really well together so we were able to overcome these challenges and made it back, smiling, to civilisation.’

The girls are now drying out tents and cleaning all their utensils before enjoying some well earned rest over the summer break.