The class of 1984 return to Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School welcomes back Class of 84 for 30 year reunion

Portsmouth High School were delighted to welcome back the Class of 1984 for a reunion at school.

The ladies gathered for coffee amidst excited chatter and laughter as they viewed photographs of their year group from thirty years ago.

1984 Head Girl, Paula Bowden, said:

‘It is fantastic to see all the gang together and nobody has changed. It is wonderful to see Mrs Spender who taught us lacrosse and sport. We remember the time in the playground when a big wicker basket arrived and out jumped a St John’s boy in blue pants! Some of the teachers rushed to cover him with a science overall and he was whisked back to St John’s College.’


The reunion was organised by Amanda Triccas who added:

‘When you first see people and recognise them they then become the 11 year old girl that you first knew. It is really lovely that so many people have come today.’

After coffee, the ladies were shown around the school by the current Head Girl team. Some had attended the Junior School including Caroline Fielder (nee Blatch).

‘I remember playing in the Dell aged four,’ said Caroline. ‘I always remember being very happy but we were never allowed to speak at lunchtime which was hard!’

Ellie Webb, 17, current Head Girl at Portsmouth High School, said:

‘It is fantastic to meet these ladies who were here thirty years ago. I think the ethos of the school is the same still with lots of sports, hard work and lots of fun times as well!’