How phonics help your child learn to read | Portsmouth High School

How phonics help your child learn to read

Phonics and how they help us to read was the focus of one of the information sessions for parents held this term at Portsmouth High Junior School.

Rosie Lennon, Head of Pre-Prep, led the first part of the evening held in the school’s modern Early Years building. Mrs Lennon explained how synthetic phonics, introduced in 2010, have led the way in children’s reading by encouraging the identification and pronunciation of sounds rather than individual letters. Parents were able to see and hear how pure sounds are said and blended to read words.

In the latter part of the evening parents listened to a talk by Dr Victoria Devonshire from the University of Portsmouth. Dr Devonshire’s research into reading and spelling has shown introducing morphology, etymology and form rules can also help children improve their reading and spelling significantly. For further information on Dr Devonshire’s talk, please click here to view the presentation slides which make very interesting reading.


Mrs Lennon said “Reading with your child at home is very important to help develop their skills. Choose a quiet time to be together without any distractions and always make it something you and your child look forward to”.

“Read regularly so you both see the progress made. Keep the reading flowing by helping with new and difficult words using praise and encouragement. Finally, keep positive at all times as children need to know you enjoy reading with them.”

Coming soon… Help your child progress in mathematics – an informative evening led by Headmaster Mr Paul Marshallsay.