Popular authors visit Portsmouth High Junior School | Portsmouth High School

Popular authors visit Portsmouth High Junior School

Angie Sage, the author of the popular Septimus Heap series of books, called in to inspire girls in Years 5, 6 and 7 today.

Angie spent time explaining to the girls how she begins to create her characters and get to know them. She writes each character’s name on a slip of paper and keeps them in a match box. When she is working, Angie spreads all the names over the table to help jog her memory. To inspire her writing, Angie goes on trips around the country to find different landscapes and buildings and she draws maps of where all her characters live.

Lucia in Year 5 said “I was fascinated how the author develops characters from one book to the next and how they grow like real people. I love English and we have just written our own myths”.

Bella from Year 6 was impressed how Angie Sage thinks of her characters and has pictures of them in her head. She said “The author told us she keeps an ideas folder on her computer that she can go to for inspiration for her writing. We are doing descriptive writing in English with our teacher Mr Barrett and what we’ve heard today will really help us”.

Amelia in Year 7 said “I liked the way the author thinks of the characters first and then makes stories around them. It has been really good to hear the talk and it will help me when I come to write my next story”.

Angie Sage said “I have very much enjoyed coming to Portsmouth High School today. The girIs were very attentive and I was impressed by the very mature questions they asked me. I really had to think about my answers”.

Josh Mowll, local children’s author living in Southsea also came in to talk to Year 5 and 6 girls in the morning and launched the GDST Creative writing competition. Josh explained the world of electronic publishing in today’s world and how it has changed recently for any budding authors in the audience, of which there were many! Josh explained his visual thought process in getting a story started and how often it is adapted and the importance of twists and surprises to engage the reader.

The GDST Creative Writing prize will be an opportunity for GDST students to produce a piece of creative writing on a chosen theme, which for this year is ‘role models’.  As with the previous competition, we are asking for entries to be returned in January which will allow the girls the opportunity to develop their thoughts over the Christmas holidays.