Pre-Prep toys create their own nativity scene | Portsmouth High School

Pre-Prep toys create their own nativity scene

Girls in Pre-Prep gave a delightful nativity performance for parents, families and friends this afternoon when they swept their audience into a toy shop on Christmas Eve.

The toymaker was just finishing his daily work and shutting up his toy shop for the night. Little did he know that the magic was just about to begin. The toys were all fast asleep when they were woken by a friendly bear called Big Ted who was singing some songs.

When all the toys had woken up they worked together to finish their Nativity scene and had lots of fun dancing and playing to entertain the new born baby Jesus.  All the toys got a chance to show off their special skills, including shy rabbit, who was very good at cuddling.

After lots of hard work the Nativity scene was finally completed and the toys got ready to celebrate Christmas Day remembering that everyone has their own special gifts to share.

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