Portsmouth High School girls write the lyrics to Stephen’s Story tribute | Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School girls write the lyrics to Stephen’s Story tribute

Last summer a visitor to Portsmouth High Junior School inspired the girls to write a song of thanks to the inspirational Stephen Sutton, MBE.

Stephen was an English blogger and charity activist known for his blog Stephen’s Story and his fundraising efforts for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity for the aid of teenagers with cancer.

John Gleadall, from  Musicals4kidz, visited the Junior School last summer and with the girls, decided they would record a song and send it to him and his family.

‘Sadly Stephen passed away before we could realise the plan,’ said Mr Gleadall.  ‘But the thoughts and ideas remained, so I have put them all together in this song – Make A Difference Every Single Day – which was Stephen’s rallying cry.’



Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity very close to the heart of Portsmouth High School as it was the Sixth Forms chosen charity last year.  The girls raised over £5,000 for vital funds to support young people with cancer.

‘I am delighted that the workshop the girls took part in has helped to create this wonderful tribute to a very inspirational young man.  In the words that the girls wrote; “we should be happy and use our years and make a difference every single day.’’’ said Mr Paul Marshallsay, Junior School Headmaster.

The video can be viewed here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfJsA0k8weo and Musicals4kidz here www.musicals4kidz.com