Dinosaur day at Portsmouth High Nursery School | Portsmouth High School

Dinosaur day at Portsmouth High Nursery School

Nursery went back to prehistoric times last week when they enjoyed a specially themed dinosaur day.

The highlight was the creation of a typical dinosaur habitat. Pupils went out into the Junior School gardens and collected a whole range of natural materials which they thought might have been part of a real dinosaur’s habitat. Back inside the warmth of the nursery, they created a large natural habitat for their model dinosaurs to enjoy including woodlands, grass and lakes.

As part of the day they learnt a new song ‘Ten little dinorsaurs’ and a range of new vocabulary to describe the

relative sizes of the different dinosaurs. New books were explored and each pupil made their very own Diplodocus model.

Nursery leader Clare Mills said ‘One of our pupils has had a special interest in dinosaurs recently so we decided to explore this topic for a whole day. We have had lots of dinosaur fun and have integrated different aspects of learning into the theme of the day. This is a great way to help children of this age learn more quickly and have fun at the same time too”.