Southsea baker brings traditional baking skills to Portsmouth High School | Portsmouth High School

Southsea baker brings traditional baking skills to Portsmouth High School

The delicious smell of freshly baked bread wafted from the Food Technology Centre at Portsmouth High School today.

Year 5 pupils from Portsmouth High were joined by Northern Parade, Milton Park and Highbury Junior Schools for a bread bake-off competition. Traditional baking skills were brought to the school by Southsea baker Nikola Ondrouskova from Bread Addiction who began baking at home and turned her passion into a successful local Elm Grove bakery.

Nikola spent the morning teaching the girls about the essential ingredients for bread making and passing on top tips for creating a successful loaf. The girls then put their new skills into practice and made their own loaf of bread.

After lunch pupils were set the challenge of baking bread fit for a Lord Mayor’s function. The teams had to present their loaves to the judge explaining what they know about bread making and describing what is was that made their loaves special.

The winning school was Highbury Junior School who delighted the judge with their unusual snail-shaped loaf. Judge Nikola Ondrouskova said “It was a such a hard decision to make as the girls were quick to learn baking skills and were very keen to learn. I really hope they will take their baking experience home with them today and keep baking!”.

Gabriela from Northern Parade Junior School said “I enjoyed kneading all the ingredients together and planning what we were going to do as a team this afternoon”.  Tahlia from Milton Park summed up what made her team’s bread special “We baked love into our bread, that’s what made it delicious”.

Assistant Head Graeme Field said “We held the challenge day today so the girls could learn a traditional skill. It was an ideal opportunity for pupils to be taught by a skilled professional baker. We want children to understand where their food comes from and how it is made and not take the convenience of buying everything from a supermarket for granted”.