Portsmouth High School Head Girls launch support for chosen charity | Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School Head Girls launch support for chosen charity

Portsmouth High School’s Head Girl team were delighted to officially announce that they are supporting the girls education charity, Camfed, as the Sixth Form charity this year.

The Head Girl team will spearhead fundraising activities throughout the year to generate money and raise awareness of their chosen charity.

In a moving assembly to the whole school, the Head Girl team said that they have chosen Camfed, the Campaign for Female Education, because they felt passionately about the chance for an education for all.

‘Portsmouth High School is part of a wider group of schools, the Girls Day School Trust, or GDST,’ said Head Girl Anna Mackay, 17.  ‘A trip to Zimbabwe in 1990 was a revelation for Ann Cotton, a GDST alumna, and marked the start of an organisation that has supported more than three million children and young people in the poorest parts of Africa.  As a team, we were inspired by her story and want to support the charity, Camfed.

Ann Cotton continued.

‘I visited Zimbabwe in 1990 and I’d never seen such levels of poverty,’ she said.  ‘I spoke to many people in the community

and found they were united in their desire for the education of all children; they just didn’t have the means to pay. However, I had no idea of the level of resistance we’d get from the international community.  They told me educating girls ran counter to traditional culture.  But I’d met the community, I’d spoken to the chieftains, men, women, everyone, and I knew this was wrong.  What emerged was the Campaign for Female Education, Camfed.  Since the charity’s foundation in 1993 well over three million children have benefited, the majority of them girls.‘

‘We aim to raise £10,000 this year,’ said Head Girl, Anna Mackay.  ‘If we can do this we can send 50 girls to Senior School in Africa which would be amazing.  We are so privileged to have an education and we want to help others to achieve this too.’

Portsmouth High School’s Charity Week will take place in November.  It has been running for over 25 years and is always organised entirely by the Sixth Form.  The week is made up of talent shows, live music events, an annual netball match versus boys from Portsmouth Grammar School and other events. It culminates in a two night Fashion Show where the Sixth Form use business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to negotiate with local shops and liaise with local businesses to put on the show.