Girls experience working in a veterinary surgery | Portsmouth High School

Girls experience working in a veterinary surgery

Portsmouth High School girls were given a unique opportunity to experience working in a veterinary surgery this week.

Practice owner, Justyn Loveridge, from Vets4Pets, Portsmouth, hosted the girls from Year 7 to Sixth Form, giving them a tour of the facilities as part of their first veterinary science information evening.  The pupils talked about the careers available as well as having experience in the surgery by using veterinary imaging including x-rays and a chance to use the ultrasound.

‘The girls were very keen and interested and everyone at Vets4Pets enjoyed passing on their experience,’ said Mr Loveridge.  ‘I am delighted that the event has proved so popular and hope that we are looking at a room full of tomorrow’s veterinary professionals.’


The evening included a tour of the practice and an insight into the surgery, learning how the animal patients are prepared and anaesthetised.  The girls also had an opportunity to scrub in and gown and glove up before bandaging the practice’s new dummy dog, Rowdy.

‘It was an amazing experience,’ said Imogen Roberts, 14.  ‘It was so worthwhile to see what a vet does but also the range of others job in veterinary science available.’

‘I am very grateful to Justyn and his team at Vets4Pets for affording Portsmouth High School this fabulous opportunity,’ said Head of Careers, Mrs Davies. ‘Links to businesses and local companies have never been so important and events such as this evening’s really highlight how there is no substitute for experiencing careers first hand.’