The class of 73 return for a reunion at Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School host a reunion for the Class of 73

Forty years after they left Portsmouth High, and during the year they celebrate their 60th Birthdays, a group of ladies returned to school for coffee and tours led by the current Head Girl team.  The reunion was attended by the then Head Girl, Christine Jenkins, and one of her Deputy Head Girls, Tess Tee (now Trewinnard).

‘It was fascinating to see how much things have changed and to reminisce,’ said Christine.  ‘We used to have needlework and PE and lunch all in the same room, which is now the dining room.  We have shared so many funny memories including ants appearing out of the belle Helene puddings!

‘I really wanted to be a doctor but wasn’t very good at physics.  I had extra lessons and remember making coffee using the bunsen burners with the only male teacher, Mr Green.’

Linda Palmor, who travelled from California to return for the reunion, said:

‘I still remember the school motto, “knowledge is now no more a fountain sealed.”.


Everything I have ever learned I learned at Portsmouth High School.  My mum still has a seagrass woven footstool that I made when I was ten!’

The current Head Girl team gave the ladies tours of the Senior and Junior schools.

‘The ladies were so much fun, said Anna Mackay, 17, who is the current Head Girl.  ‘It was more a case of them taking us around the school rather than the other way around!

‘It has been fantastic to hear their stories of Portsmouth High School.  So much changes in terms of the fabric of the building but the ethos of the school still remains the same; encouraging girls to be creative, independent and ambitious.’

Madeleine Salvetti who helped organise the reunion added:

‘Ladies have come from far and wide including California and Cyprus.  For some of them this is the first time they have been back at school in 40 years.  It is an extraordinary feeling.’