Head girls at Portsmouth High School meet 27 years apart

Portsmouth High School Head Girls meet 27 years apart

We were delighted to welcome back the Class of 1988 last weekend for lunch and tours of the school.

Two of the Head Girl team from 1988 met with two of the current Head Girl team, Daisy Turnbull and Blythe Scoates, both 17.

‘The rain didn’t dampen the mood,’ said Daisy. ‘The ladies had so much fun looking around the school and catching up with each other. They had so many fond memories of their days at Portsmouth High and it was lovely to hear all their stories.’

Mrs Sophie Peel (neé Knight) who was Head Girl in 1988 said:

‘The day brought back so many happy and funny memories. I am surprised at how we all look very much like how I remember us twenty-seven years ago. I am really proud to have been a part of such a great school.’

Mrs Natasha Sharp (neé Johns) who was Deputy Head Girl added:

‘It has been a wonderful day. I am so pleased so many of us turned up and we are so excited that we all want to meet up again soon.’

Ms Julie Norman, who came back from Canada to attend the reunion said:

‘It has been amazing to see pictures of us, particularly in our play, Noye’s Fludde (or Noah’s Flood). I was Mr Semm, the husband of Natasha and a local vicar played the Voice of God. I currently live in Canada and it is wonderful to be back as part of this school community. I’ve had flashes of memories as I’ve walked around and continually tell my children about the antics we got up to. We were, like the girls are now, smart and bright and we sometimes put our brain power to slightly nefarious use, including putting odd objects under the new microscopes!’

‘It is also fantastic to see so much money being put into the arts, music and sports as well as the academics here and it has been wonderful to come back.’