Portsmouth High School girls enjoy Wellbeing Conference post mock GCSEs | Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth High School girls enjoy Wellbeing Conference post mock GCSEs

Portsmouth High School Year 11 girls enjoyed a morning of wellbeing today post their mock GCSEs.

Deputy Head, Mr John Paget-Tomlinson, opened the morning explaining to the girls the importance of wellbeing.

‘Today, Portsmouth High School, the Girls’ Day School Trust, of which we are part, and the Government, all recognise links between wellbeing and life successes,’ he said.

‘Wellbeing is a social, emotional and psychological state of mind.  It’s about recognising your strengths and your place within a web of relationships.’

Tim Prescott, in his fifth year at Southampton University studying medicine, spoke to the girls about resilience and inner strength.  Tim took part in, and completed, the Marathon des Sables last year; a 156 mile marathon across the Sahara desert completing six marathons in six days.

‘I was not at all sporty at school and if anyone had said to me I would run the London Marathon, let alone the Marathon des Sables, I would have laughed at them,’ he said.

‘But there is a big difference between physical ability and mental ability.  Don’t let physical ability dampen down your mental ability.  Find your own personal

challenges and have a go.  You are all capable.’

The girls continued the morning with a carousel of activities including a yoga session, a happiness quiz, colouring for calm and smoothie making in the Food Technology centre.

‘It has been a really good and relaxed morning,’ said Holly Hunt, 16.  ‘I was really inspired by Tim’s talk and as I’m a runner it has set me thinking about a challenge similar to his.’

‘I’ve already bought myself a colouring book’ said Annie Caddle, 15.  ‘I had heard they were a good way to de-stress and colouring really does work.  It has been a good morning to teach us all some techniques about calmness and self-awareness.’

Mr Paget-Tomlinson added:

‘All the Year 11 girls at Portsmouth High School have taken part today as we recognised the importance of, not just excellent examination results, but also the ability to be resilient in the face of adversity and to have the inner resources to succeed in the modern world.’

Tim’s marathon run can be viewed here