The Kindness Tree is blossoming... | Portsmouth High School

The Kindness Tree is blossoming…

This term has seen the introduction of a new ‘Kindness Tree’ in the entrance to the early years’ building, home to the Nursery School, Reception Class, Years 1 and 2.

This is a new venture to reward the generosity and empathy shown by our children on a daily basis. Green leaves are awarded to girls for everyday acts of kindness and are added to the tree each week. We look forward to seeing the blossoming of the tree into a beautiful leaf-filled summer display reflecting the genuine warmth and care our girls show. Congratulations to Aristea in Reception Class who is the first person to be awarded a coveted gold leaf at celebration assembly for unfailing kindness, generosity, empathy and positive behaviour at all times.

In the Nursery classroom Humpty’s wall of kindness is just inside the door. Humpty’s wall is growing taller as acts of kindness shown by the nursery children are added to new bricks. Acts of kindness on the bricks include Rosabelle’s

thoughtfulness when sitting with another pupil who was ill, reassuring her and getting her hat and coat for her when she was ready to go home. Hattie’s name is on the adjacent brick for helping her friends with their lunch aprons.

Mrs Algieri, Early Years’ Co-ordinator and Reception Class teacher, said “The Kindness Tree has been a really positive addition and relates to the Early Years Foundation Stage goals in personal, social and emotional development of showing sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings in order to form positive relationships with both children and adults”.

“It rewards children for both genuine acts of everyday kindness as well as out of character kindness moments. The girls have been very enthusiastic about the tree and it has helped them think about what kindness really is and what opportunities there are around them for genuine acts of selflessness. This has had a positive impact on everyone’s daily life around the school.”