Zoe Williams (Portsmouth High alumna 1996-2010) | Portsmouth High School

Zoe Williams (Portsmouth High alumna 1996-2010)



Congratulations to our alumna Zoe Williams (1996-2010) who has won three gold medals and one silver in the Invictus Games.  Zoe won her medals in swimming, and also represented Great Britain in indoor rowing.

Zoe, left Portsmouth High School and became a Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. She has a severe back problem which causes pain whenever she walks or runs and also struggles with sitting or standing. Her injury took her from a GB level synchronised swimmer to someone who wasn’t exercising on a regular basis, and as a consequence she lost confidence, and motivation.  However, after a lightbulb moment in February 2015 she realised that feeling sorry for herself was not going to help. She began training again and said ‘exercise has given me back the parts of my life that my injury took away from me.’

She added: ‘Competing at the Invictus Games has been a life changing experience. I have met so many inspirational people and had the honour to represent my country on an international sporting stage for the second time. The support from the UK has been unbelievable and I cannot thank everyone enough.’