George’s Marvellous Medicine inspires an early love of literature | Portsmouth High School

George’s Marvellous Medicine inspires an early love of literature

Early years’ pupils at Portsmouth High School enjoyed an afternoon of Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday celebrations today.

Reception Class, Years 1 and 2 joined together for an afternoon of collaborative learning based on some of their favourite Roald Dahl stories. Fantastic Mr Fox, The Enormous Crocodile and George’s Marvellous Medicine have been a focus for cross-curricular activities since the children arrived back in school last week.

Individual classes have been exploring themes from the stories at their appropriate level but this afternoon everyone joined together for a ‘Roald Dahl’ party. The children enjoyed

a carousel of activities including making a crocodile, creating a fox with simple origami, coming up with artwork for Roald Dahl’s books, and, most popular of all, creating some of George’s original ‘marvellous medicine’.

Mrs Algieri, Early Years Co-ordinator, said ‘The children have really enjoyed Roald Dahl’s wonderful stories which so often have lessons for real life. It has inspired an early love of literature and sparked their curiosity and enthusiasm. This afternoon the different year groups have joined together which has been an ideal opportunity for girls of all ages to learn from their peers and work as a group’.